This is a great opportunity for students to earn proceeds towards their club based on their sales.

The cost of each kit is $36.00. Students will earn $10.00 back, per kit sold, to their organization or club. A minimum of one pallet, equaling 100 kits, needs to be sold per organization. If you sell one pallet, your club will earn $1,000.00! We will ensure the delivery of any additional kits sold. There is no limit to how many you can sell or how much money your club can make!

Students can start selling as soon as you receive the order forms.

All orders must be turned in to Papa Charlie’s Fundraiser Coordinator Adam Libby.  Payment will need to be sent from the club organizer to Papa Charlie’s in the form of a check, calculating each item sold at $26.00.

Checks payable to:
Papa Charlie’s
1800 South Kostner Avenue
Chicago, IL 60623